How to write a comment letter

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The SEC cares what you think and wants to hear from you. For every proposed rule, they solicit public comment, and BY LAW they must read and take into account every comment letter. While signing your name to a form letter is good, writing your own comment letter is a far more effective means of advocacy. Individual letters elevate your voice and ensure your concerns and perspective are acknowledged. Here’s how to craft an effective comment letter.

Core Issues

Guide to writing an effective comment letter:

  • Learn about the issue, and determine your viewpoint and key arguments (you can use our guides if they’re helpful).
  • Be constructive and professional in your language and tone - this is not the place to attack or insult.
  • Sign and email it to The subject line must include the File Number for the rule (it will be included in our guide). You can attach the comment letter as PDF, MS Word, or Text, and should indicate the format in your email.

Opportunities for advocacy

amplify your voice

One of the easiest ways to make a massive difference is through contacting your congressional representative and advocating for a specific rule or regulation.

We'll help connect you directly with your member of Congress so that you can amplify your voice and advocate for real-world change. If it helps, we'll even provide you with an outline of a script to help you support your advocacy.

Call your rep, voice your concerns.

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Call your rep, voice your concerns.

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write a comment letter

We will put together a synopsis of the rule and recommended language for comment letters towards the end of March. Sign-up below to be alerted when it's ready.